Our Services

When real time decisions need real time data we deliver so you can too.


Stockpile Inventory

When accurate stockpile inventory counts. Aerial imagery volume analysis and 3D modeling will help track inventory levels.

Site Mapping/GIS

Do you need accurate site mapping to assist in the planning and development of new construction or mining activities? EASE utilize ESRI ArcGIS to complete our mapping products and can provide high resolution geo-referenced imagery, contour maps with 1ft contours, custom scaled grids overlays on 1 inch per pixel resolution photos, just to name a few.

Construction Documentation

Utilize EASE’s construction documentation to assist your site inspectors/project managers workflow. High detailed imagery can assist in spotting issues before they become problems. Have you had delays in construction? EASE develops custom reports to help track progress of critical path items to ensure your project stays on schedule and under budget.